How to Avoid Athletics Accidents

Keith Scott is a Qualified Athletic Trainer (ATC) through the Nationwide Athletic Trainer’s Association and also a Qualified Strength and Conditioning Expert (CSCS) by the National Power and Conditioning Affiliation Keith been given his Master’s Diploma in Physical exercise and Sporting activities Science with a concentration in Athletics Medication from the College of Arizona. Through […]

The 7 Techniques For Acquiring Balanced and Remaining In shape

Existence is ever growing, so are we human beings, with our continuous quest for increased well being and health and fitness. Today there are a great number of new instruction approaches claiming to be the best for either most pounds decline or swiftest ways to get a 6 pack. It is infinite, if a single […]

Kettlebell Training – An Interview With Steve Cotter

CO Hi Steve and thanks for agreeing to take part in this interview. SC It’s my pleasure. CO Could you start by telling me a bit about yourself and your sporting background? SC Ok, my name is Steve & I’m a Capricorn, and I have an interesting life! I have a family, three children, and […]

Health and Fitness Advice

Getting started Set clear exercise goals, and start with a few basic exercises. It is recommended to start with a full body strength training program, performed 2 or 3 days times per week, or a basic training split (such as upper/lower). Goals should be specific and measurable. Write some long term goals down and develop […]