Cleanse Needle Method for Acupuncture

Clean Needle Procedure

Infection Control – Practitioner’s Cleanliness

Actual physical cleanliness consists of not only satisfactory hand washing but it also includes these issues as sporting thoroughly clean clothes (i.e. lab coat), prolonged hair currently being tied again, and nails staying held clean and quick. Cuts/abrasions really should be included by and band-aid and/or glove. Do not do the job with an higher respiratory affliction.

Hand Washing –

A practitioner must clean their palms ahead of and just after every single patient make contact with. Cleaning soap with an antibacterial agent is most well-liked and strongly encouraged. Clear paper towels should be utilized to dry the arms. When washing your fingers, friction and jogging drinking water are very crucial to assistance take out area germs from the epidermal layer of the skin.

Germ Principle –

If a sterile item touches a non-sterile area, the object is no for a longer time sterile. All needles will have to be adequately sterilized for needle insertion. The shafts of the needle, primarily for a longer period needles, can be stabilized with a sterile cotton ball or sterile gauze. If the needle touches any item (i.e. pants, outfits, bed) or if it is dropped on the ground, the needle is regarded contaminated and should not be used. All utilized liquor swabs and needle packaging need to be disposed of from the thoroughly clean spot. Suction cups that appear in contact with the skin have to have possibly sterilization or disinfection prior to every use.

Packaging –

All needles that are packaged should be checked for sterilization expiration dates. Any bundle that is soaked, torn or expired is no for a longer time considered sterile.

Varieties of Sterilization
1. Steam
2. Boiling
3. Dry warmth sterilization
4. Chemical sterilization

3 Varieties of Disinfection
1. Halogen – features chlorine and
2. Phenol – pure phenol is derived from coal tar
3. Alcoholic beverages – two sorts of alcohol: Isopropyl and Ethyl

There are 3 varieties of Antisepsis
1. Iodine
2. Alcohols
3. Hexachlorophenes

Iodine is a well-known antiseptic, and it is utilized in concentrations of 70%-90%. Be careful with utilizing iodine, as it can go away permanent stains on clothing. Isopropyl Alcoholic beverages is an effective antiseptic as well. Normally hold lids of alcohol bottles shut to continue to keep the 100% focus. When swiping the skin, the cotton ball or swab ought to be utilized in 1 fluid wipe. Do not swipe the skin in a again and forth or circular movement. Liquor ought to not be utilized to mucous membranes or open wounds.

Needle Disposal

All needles will have to be discarded in appropriate sharps containers according to Community Wellness Regulation. Alcohol swabs or cotton balls should really be discarded into the trash unless of course they are fully soaked in blood.

Iatrogenic Troubles

1. Forgotten Needle: There have been occasions where by a practitioner has neglected to just take a needle out. Practitioners must attempt to keep a needle count. This may well cut down the threat of forgotten needles. A neglected needle could trigger achievable damage/personal injury.

2. Damaged Needle: Extremely skinny needles (> 34 gauge) are much more susceptible to break through insertion. A damaged needle with the shaft noticeable above the pores and skin might be properly taken out in a sterile clamp, but if a needle has damaged and it is beneath the surface of the pores and skin, it will demand a professional medical referral.

3. Locked or Trapped Needle: Locked or a caught needle can consequence from muscle spasms or if the individual moves. The end result in a stuck needle for the reason that the muscle tissue all around the needle spasms and locks the needle in place. When this occurs the needle need to under no circumstances be forcibly eradicated. You will have to halt the electro-acupunctoscope and make it possible for the client to rest. Gently therapeutic massage the location or meridian of the caught needle assists with the launch of the needle. If the caught needle is a result of the client relocating, the affected individual should think original position then the needle can be taken out.


It is a single of the most normally claimed troubles of Acupuncture in the Healthcare Literature. A pneumothorax happens when the surface of the lung is punctured, allowing air to leave from the lung into the pleual cavity. The most popular issue involved is GB21 and details around the neck and shoulder girdle. The greatest prevention is the use of right needle depth and angle.

Blood Vessel

Puncture of little superficial veins is not unheard of. When this happens, a person need to implement tension on the afflicted web-site for about a person moment. The Practitioner should really usually notify the affected person of a hematoma. Arterial puncture is a lot more critical. You must apply business force for about 3-5 minutes for bleeding of a modest artery.

Organ Puncture

All organs are susceptible to remaining punctured if needled improperly. The organs that are more inclined to remaining punctured are the bladder, kidneys, enlarged spleen or liver. And the peritoneal cavity. If just one is needling reduced belly factors, as the client to empty their bladder.

Spinal Cord Trauma

Loss of feeling or movement can final result from a needle that penetrates the spinal wire.


Irritation of the nerve can consequence from needling directly above nerves or from needling employing potent electric powered stimulation. If the nerve is infected, the affected person could experience numbness, electrical sensation or motor weak point.

An infection

Allergic Dermatitis

Indications and indicators incorporate redness of skin, an itching/burning sensation, and suffering or irritation at the website of insertion. Acupuncture needles that contains nickel and chromium have been known to cause allergic dermatitis.

Miscellaneous Bacterial infections

Miscellaneous bacterial infections that can take place, consist of septicemia, osteomylitis, bacterial endocarditis, meningitis and hepatitis. The only procedures of prevention for these problems are the use of sterile needles and identification of high-hazard people.

Other Troubles or Facet Consequences

1. Nausea – nausea may well be experienced by the patient if potent parasympathetic stimulation occurs all through needling. Needles ought to be withdrawn promptly if nausea or vomiting persist.

2. Normal Facet Consequences – You will often listen to remarks these as “I come to feel mild-headed” or “gentle disorientation” or “euphoria”. These are all ordinary aspect effects of acupuncture. From time to time the patient could also sense chilly with prolonged needle retention (extra than 20-30 minutes).

Contraindications to Procedure

Men and women who are beneath the influence of drugs or alcoholic beverages, people with an empty tummy, people who are emotionally unstable or those people who have just finished actual physical exertion ought to not be addressed with acupuncture.

Contraindications of Electro-acupuncture

When using the electro-acupunctoscope, the recent ought to by no means cross the back again or the chest. The two branches of the similar electrode must normally be on the exact facet of the patient’s human body. Electro-acupuncture is contraindicated all through pregnancy and in all those patients with any type of cardiac pacemaker.


Conventional Chinese Medicine endorses towards needling in the course of any asymptomatic, standard pregnancy. If there are signs or symptoms, needling exclusively towards the symptom is permitted.

Electrical Stimulation & Acupuncture

Specifications for product AWQ-104E

• Pulse Form: Biphasic Rectangular Wave
• Pulse width: 350 uS at X1, 40us at X10
• Pulse rate (frequency): 1-120Hz at X(1) 10-1200Hz at X(10)
• Wave kind: adjustable, dense-disperse, intermittent
• Output latest (depth): -18mA (Lo) -40mA(Hello)
• Channel: 4
• Place detector


• Make sure that you take a look at the electro-acupunctoscope in advance of each use.
• Insert the needle (with metal deal with) and get Qi sensation
• Make sure all the knobs are turned to zero just before hooking the electro-acupunctoscope to the needles.
• Link the electrical stimulator with needles.
• Convert power on.
• Alter the electro-acupunctoscope to the proper waveforms and frequency
• Adjust the intensity to a cozy amount.
• If depth “Hi-Lo”switch, or frequency “1-10″switch, or polarity will need to be changed, the output intensity (and frequency sometime) should be turned down to zero.
• Treatment must past 15-20min
• Make confident all the knobs to zero in advance of turning off the ability and choose away the conducting wire.

• 2 needles entire a circuit
• Join adverse close to principal place, beneficial finish to secondary issue


Dense wave (ongoing)
Superior frequency: 50-100 pulses per next
Functionality and indications:
Inhibit sensory nerves and motor nerves
Minimize pain, calms the intellect, reduce spasm of the muscle groups

Disperse /Sparse wave (steady)
Lower frequency: 2-5 pulses per next
Purpose: Induce the contraction of muscle tissues, and improve the stress of muscle mass and ligament.
Indication: personal injury of muscle, ligament and joints.

Dense-disperse wave
Disperse wave and dense wave surface alternately, each individual last about 1.5 s. Protect against the body’s adaptation
Relieve discomfort, strengthen functionality of the organs, increase qi and blood circulation, make improvements to nourishment of tissues, decrease inflammation
Indication: Pain, trauma, sprain, arthritis, sciatica, facial paralysis, weak spot of muscle mass, and so on.

Intermittent wave
A wave appears on and off rhythmically. Interval: 1.5s
Purpose: Stimulate the muscular tissues
Indicator: Paralysis.

Safety measures/Contraindications

• Flip up the intensity of the electro-acupunctscope progressively so we can steer clear of incidences this sort of as muscle contraction, damaged needle and bent needle ensuing from elevated intensity.
• Amount one precedence is to hold the affected individual comfy at all times.

• Moderate stimulation is essential when making use of electro-acupuncture close to the spine and mind stem.

• When implementing electro-acupuncture on chest and back again space in the area of the coronary heart, do not link factors throughout two sides of the human body to prevent the existing passing by way of the coronary heart.

• Do not implement stimulation in the area of the coronary heart.

• Do not implement stimulation to sufferers with pacemakers or other digital implants.

• Use electro-acupuncture cautiously for sufferers have coronary heart diseases, seizure, and pregnant women of all ages.

• Electro-acupuncture should really be utilised cautiously for clients who are aged or weak.

Illness therapy


1. Greater for nerve associated challenges
2. Stimulation is additional measurable than handbook
3. A lot of points can be stimulated at the similar time (manual can stimulate only 1 at a time)
4. Stimulation can last for a longer time. A common treatment method is typically 20 minutes. If you are stimulating manually, you ordinarily only promote for a couple of minutes at the most.

• Details are selected in pairs
• Usually unilaterally
(Pair on identical side remaining or correct Do not cross from 1 side to a further as that may perhaps interfere with coronary heart motion)

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