Idea of Chinese Regular Medication – CTM

Chinese Traditional Drugs (CTM) has a history of extra than 5,000 years. It has a entire theory about the incidence, improvement and remedy of health conditions. According to CTM idea, the incidence of illnesses is the in coordination concerning Yin and Yang and the procedure of diseases is the reestablishment of the equilibrium amongst them. Yin and Yang are the two principles from ancient Chinese philosophy and they depict the two contradictories in every little thing.

In CTM principle, Yin and Yang are utilized to describe physiological and pathological phenomena of the human body. They are also the concepts of diagnosing and treating health conditions. About talking, there are two widespread approaches of CTM curing illnesses: drug treatment and non-drug treatment. As for drug remedy, regular medications are applied these types of as herbs, mineral, animals, and so forth. As for non-drug remedy, there are acupuncture and moxibustion, therapeutic massage, cupping.

According to statistics, Common Chinese Medication is superior for the procedure of illnesses of viral bacterial infections, immune system, cardio-cerebrovascular technique and anxious method without resulting in any aspect-effects compared with western drugs.

The strength and flexibility of Chinese medicine is a immediate final result of the Chinese philosophical sights and understandings from which the drugs is drawn. Chinese philosophy gives us with distinct techniques to viewing our nature, the workings of our bodies, the manifestation of condition and the process of healing. Even though it is true that no one technique of philosophy retains all of the responses, the Chinese framework offers us with a wealth of direction and simple approaches to foster physical and psychological overall health.

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