The Darkish Side of Cardio

Cardio has a dark side? But anyone says cardio is the greatest workout method for bodyweight loss. So what’s the deal?

Recently I received a letter from a female who located out that very good ol’ cardio has a little bit of a concealed, darker side.



I observed the Orthopedist currently, and he observed numerous factors that would be producing my hip discomfort (which has gotten greater with mild exercise sessions). It seems a person of my legs is for a longer time than the other. And when I increased my cardio periods (to attempt and get more effects), the big difference started to ‘come out’ and resulted in my hip discomfort….


She discovered the lesson the really hard way.

When another person with a tiny personal injury, or biomechanical defect, carrying out the similar activity about and in excess of yet again, (these kinds of as the countless numbers of repetitions you can do in a cardio exercise), will get you harm every time.

Why do you runners are often in the physio’s business? Or why individuals normally get hurt when they go from staying sedentary to attempting to do cardio 3 periods for every 7 days?

Consider I’m whole of it? Nicely, I’m not the only a person with this impression. We only will need to change to the terms of Alwyn Cosgrove to get an even better clarification…

CB: Alwyn, wherever do you begin functioning with an over weight man or woman?


With a total way of living and structural evaluation. Normally the over weight individual has so very little structural integrity that a resistance education program to goal their weaknesses and imbalances is my initial approach. By manipulating rest durations I can always get a cardio training with out the overuse accidents that frequently come about in the untrained.

Exploration (Jones et al., Sporting activities Med. 18(3): 202-214, 1994) has revealed that the intensity needed by the ordinary sedentary individual trying to boost their cardiovascular process will very likely create an extreme structural overload – in reality in this review there was a 50-90% personal injury level in the first 6 months of education.

It really is exciting that the standard program for an chubby individual is ordinarily 1000’s of reps (i.e. aerobics) which will cause more challenges.

A top-quality program would be to target the muscular process and management set length and rest periods in buy to generate the same metabolic and cardiovascular need.


Yep, cardio is like excellent ol’ drinking water torture…because tension, when utilized over time, will always split you down. Even this woman’s medical doctor claimed intervals had been most effective for her conditioning.

So prepare your muscle tissue with power schooling (bodyweight workouts accomplished on the ground) and small-volume interval teaching (carried out at slightly more difficult than normal cardio-rate), rather than jumping into a hardcore aerobics program for unwanted fat loss. If you have great nourishment, you will drop as a lot or extra body fat with this technique than you would with several hours of cardio. Nutrition is additional important for newbies than exercising.

Practice good, and prepare risk-free!

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