Quick Ways to Lose Weight – the "Belly Shock" Method For Women in a Hurry to Lose 8 Pounds

Here are quick ways to lose weight using the “Belly Shock” Method. This method allows women who can’t get to the gym often… or who just hate the gym… to lose weight fast. It’s totally possible to lose 8 pounds in 10 days following this method. Read on to find out more.

Quick Ways to Lose Weight – “Belly Shock”

You need to combine multiple ways to shock your belly fat… diet, supplements, and cardio. Here is 1 of each that will force your belly fat to disappear.

1. Supplement – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Using this alone, a lot of my clients lose 5-8 pounds in 10-13 days. Not all of them do lose weight using this, but a high percentage do. It’s worth a try since extra virgin coconut oil only costs about $12 for a jar.

The jar will last you the whole 10-13 days.

What you do is take 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil 2 times a day on an empty stomach between meals. I prefer you to do this between breakfast and lunch… and lunch and dinner.

That’s it. The “healthy fats” in the coconut oil will do the rest.

Be sure the label says “extra virgin’ on it. You don’t want the regular coconut oil.

2. Diet – Eat 1 can of black beans and 1 pound of broccoli/cauliflower each day

These are “BULK” foods with plenty of fiber… and they’re cheap. They fill you up so you won’t go hungry, while providing you VERY FEW calories. The fiber is key here.

I recommend you eat 1/2 can of black beans at breakfast and 1/2 at lunch. For the broccoli/cauliflower, I recommend you eat 1/2 of a frozen bag at lunch and half at dinner.

You probably aren’t too happy about this choice, but if you were to do it 1-2 days… you’ll see the incredible weight loss effects it’ll have for you.

3. Exercise – 5 minute Hindu Squat

For this to work good, you need to squat fast. No weights are involved… just your body. Basically, you pump out as many squats as you can in 5 minutes. Try to do this non-stop or rest very shortly (15 seconds after every 15 squats).

The ideal goal… 100 or more squats in 5 minutes.

This is a tough exercise when done correctly. But it peels off body fat FAST. Push yourself. You need to fight for this weight loss… don’t just give up. Don’t let your fat win.

This “Belly Shock” Method gives you some quick ways to lose weight… a blitz to lose 8 pounds in 10 days.

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